Employers have called on the government to extend the law, which stipulates that employees must be paid half a month’s salary, or fourteen thousand rupees, during the corona disaster, until December 31.

The Minister of Labor has rejected the request of the employers stating that the concession was given to the employers only till September and that the industry has now recovered. The majority of these are in the garment industry. The Minister has also received complaints about fifty institutions that deliberately discourage employees from coming to work without providing transport facilities and overtime pay.

The minister told employers that the Kovid epidemic was now under control and that there was no reason to cut wages, especially for apparel exports.

The Minister has expressed his displeasure over the failure of the Department of Labor to take any action on the complaints lodged by the employers regarding the slashing of employee benefits under the pretext of the Kovid epidemic for five months and has ordered the officials to submit a report stating the reasons for not taking action on the relevant complaints.