It is planned to manufacture 50% of the drugs required for our country locally within the next three years. Accordingly, it is hoped to build a 400 acre pharmaceutical zone in Hambantota and a 100 acre pharmaceutical city for local investors in the Oyamaduwa area in Anuradhapura.

The government states that the implementation of this project will save around Rs. 6000 million annually from the money spent on importing medicines.

One of the main objectives of the new drug manufacturing plan is to produce a new drug locally every month.

During the discussion, the President pointed out that Sri Lanka is the largest importer of drugs in the Asian region and that the situation should be changed immediately.

The President said there was a huge demand for drugs in the African and Southeast Asian regions and the aim of the plan was to seize those market opportunities.

The President also promised that the government would buy the drugs manufactured by local investors for a period of 15 years, especially if 100% of local investment projects are initiated with the participation of local investors.