The price of arecanuts in Viyaluwa, Mahiyanganaya, Badulla and surrounding areas has risen to an all-time high and people say that three arecanuts are currently selling for Rs. 100.

Accordingly, people say that the price of betel nut which was sold for 30 rupees a few weeks ago has gone up to 50-75 rupees.

The price of an areca nut which was between 2-5 and two months ago has gone up to 20 rupees in a few weeks and now it is 35 rupees.

The majority of these people live on chenas and paddy fields and they consume the majority of the time. In this situation, people who come to work in their paddy fields and chenas have to be provided with regular work and they have to spend a lot of extra money for that.

They also point out that there is no definite reason for the increase in arecanut prices.