Ariyasheela Wickramanayake, Chairman, Pelawatta Dairy, said that his company currently has a surplus of milk and has instructed the Export Development Board to look into the possibility of exporting it as milk powder to China and butter to Japan. This was revealed by the Chairman of Pelawatta Dairy while participating in a special discussion with Ada Derana Biz.

“We now have a surplus of milk. So far I have told the EDB (Export Development Board) to send me butter to Japan and milk powder to China to find an opportunity. Soon we will be sending milk powder butter, we also have the surplus. I have 20 to 25 tons of milk powder sold out every day and 75 to 100 tons in the store. ”

“If you go to a supermarket, there are at least 20 local liquors on the shelves. That means people in the country have too much milk. We do not want to import even an ounce of milk, ”said Ariyasheela Wickramanayake, Chairman of the Pelawatta Dairy Company.