Prabhakaran joins LTTE After taking over the leadership of the LTTE, he has recruited the most trusted youth for security after training him.

Young people with good physical strength were also selected to provide security. Those youths who were appointed to protect Prabha are also constantly on the lookout for the safety of their leader. the LTTE. Pirabaharan has deployed about 1,000 LTTE cadres for his protection after the security forces cracked down on him.

Prabhakaran’s bodyguards have been given commando training in this regard. After the establishment of a separate unit in charge of Prabhakaran’s security, leaders were appointed to that unit from time to time.

Selvaraja Devakumar alias Raghu was Prabhakaran’s Chief Security Officer from 1996 to 2007. His name is Raghu and he is a member of the LTTE. Nine given after subjugation.

Prabhakaran had to resign from his post as Chief Security Officer after he became paralyzed due to a fractured ankle. Although Raghu resigned from the post, he joined the LTTE. Continued to be a member.

During the last days of the humanitarian operation in the Wanni, Raghu hid among the civilians and returned to the government controlled area.

Raghu was in an IDP camp in Ramanathanpura, Vavuniya, hiding the fact that he was Prabhakaran’s main bodyguard as an ordinary person. Raghu, who was Pirabaharan’s main bodyguard, has been identified as AJ, then the Inspector of Police in the intelligence unit under the then Northern Province Senior DIG Nimal Lewke. By Mr. Zulfikar.

That was as a result of an investigation based on information provided by Inspector Zulpikar’s personal spy.

Inspector Zulpikar had informed Senior DIG Nimal Lewke and taken him into police custody. After being taken into police custody, he came to know many facts about Prabhakaran as well as the places where the ammunition was hidden.

This was revealed not only by the interrogation of Raghu but also by the police who were able to find them in bulk at that time. Senior DIG Nimal Lewke was well known in the police force at the time as an accomplished officer. As the Commanding Officer of the Police Special Task Force, Mr. Lewke has played a significant role in curbing the then LTTE activities in the Eastern Province.

Mr. Lewke has received foreign training in elite security and has expertise and extensive knowledge in this regard.

Mr. Lewke’s name is written in the police history book as a member of the LTTE for 30 years. As a warrior who fearlessly led the way in suppressing the LTTE. His tenure in the police is 40 years. We spoke with retired Senior DIG Nimal Lewke about Raghu, who served as Pirabaharan’s chief bodyguard, as well as the weapons recovered from him.

This is the voice of the retired Senior DIG.

“Raghu was identified as Prabhakaran’s main bodyguard because of Zulpikar, then a Inspector of Police, who worked under me. After learning this Raghu took over our custody. Pirabaharan was still alive when Raghu took over. So we showed Raghu the aerial photograph taken from the drones and made a big effort to find the event where Pirabaharan was hiding. Even then Prabha was hiding in front of a large human wall and Raghu could not find his whereabouts.

We found a large stockpile through Raghu, Prabhakaran’s main bodyguard. Among the discoveries made by Prabhakaran was his H.P. There were also 16 type body armor). These were recently found safely buried in the Waikkal area in Vellamulli. M. 16 Made in the United States. It said 004 here. We found out that the body armor used by Pirabaharan was made for him. It was designed to cover the entire body, from the ears, in a completely different way to a normal dress. This was made using brass. 88 suits were also found. “Raghu told us that they were handed over to the LTTE without surrendering to the army in the last battle,” Lewke said.

The LTTE. Retired Senior DIG Nimal Lewke introduced us to Selvaraja Devakumar alias Raghu, the Chief Security Officer who was the leader. Raghu on Sunday expressed his willingness to speak on behalf of Lankadeepa on the basis of his many years of friendship with the Senior DIG.

We met Raghu in Mullaitivu under the coordination of Mr. Lewke. It should be noted that Raghu Prabhakaran did not go to kill civilians or fight against the army except to serve as his main bodyguard for many years. Raghu runs a vegetable shop in Jaffna and maintains his wife and two children amidst many economic difficulties.

This is the first time that Raghu, Prabhakaran’s main bodyguard, has given an interview to a newspaper.

“When I was in school, the Indian Army was encamped in our area. When I go to school, soldiers in the Indian Army force me to bring cigarettes. He was beaten several times for not bringing cigarettes to school. Then I studied in the seventh year.

The school trip was stopped due to harassment by some soldiers in the Indian Army. I have to go to school near the Indian Army camp. There was no other way. There was no one to tell me about these to go to school. This left Mom and Dad helpless.

We did not have the resources to bring cigarettes at the time the Indian soldiers said. Not only me but other children in the village were asked to bring cigarettes. I stopped going to school for fear that I would not be able to pass the camp and go to school without a cigarette. Due to this a great enmity arose in the heart of the Indian Army. I studied at Chunnakam Skanda Oda Maha Vidyalaya because I was a student.

I stopped going to school and stayed home. I was tired of just being home. While staying at home, the LTTE It was heard that children were being recruited together. I ran away from home and joined the LTTE. Joined together. When the opportunity arose I joined the LTTE thinking of taking revenge on the Indian soldiers.

The LTTE. After joining, he gave me the name Raghu. From then on I was known as Raghu. After training as a child soldier, he joined the LTTE. Guard camp, cut down bunkers, LTTE At that time we had to do the work of taking food and drink to the camps.

When I was young, I joined the LTTE. Chosen to train as a commando. That training is very difficult and tough. I received 4 months of commando training. the LTTE. About 750 men were selected to train as the leader’s bodyguards. Those who excelled in commando training were VIPs. Selected for training. I gave that training for 4 months.

We received the training from a camp located at that time in the Pudukuduirippu area in Mullaitivu. At the end of the training, only 100 people, including me, who were well trained, joined the LTTE. Leader Prabhakaran was selected for the security forces.

We who were selected for Prabhakaran’s security forces have a separate LTTE identity. The intelligence units looked into it. Our family members were closely monitored for any links with other Tamil organizations. He also looked after us well. After those investigations he was recruited into Prabhakaran’s security force. We had a strict set of disciplinary rules. Alcohol, cigarettes and betel nut are strictly prohibited. I asked Raghu what he would do if he was caught doing these things, interrupting Raghu’s speech.

We were amazed at his answer. If Bila gets caught like that, he will put it on his head and destroy it. Prabhakaran’s bodyguards are strictly forbidden to drink not only on duty but also at any time. If you get caught eating cigarettes and betel leaves, give it another fist. Now there is no Prabhakaran to put on his head. That ‘s why I do all three jobs, Raghu said with a laugh. We talked with him for about six hours, during which time he ate betel nut from time to time.

He resumed talking.

Prabhakaran had about 750 members in his security forces. But about 100 people are deployed for his security at a time. Everyone is deployed only on special occasions. After the commencement of the Wanni humanitarian operation, all 750 personnel were deployed for security. I was in charge of his bodyguards. I was fully responsible for protecting him.

Prabhakaran uses two white vans and a Pajero jeep to travel. All three vehicles travel at the same time. Prabhakaran is deciding which of the three vehicles will go at the last minute. He gets into a vehicle of his choice and follows the other two vehicles. He does not even tell us where he is going. We’m leaving after he’s gone.

His defense plans were made by Prabhakaran himself. the LTTE. The leaders of the party did not implement any security plans for his protection. He implemented the plan he had made. He did not trust the security plans of others. Later, Prabhakaran appointed me as his chief bodyguard. He had great faith in me. I knew I was ready to die for him. We had a good understanding.

To my recollection, this was in 2004. At that time I was Prabhakaran’s main bodyguard. Prabhakaran is riding in a Pajero jeep. He was guarded by two white dolphin vans. While passing the Puthukudiirippu area, Pirabaharan’s Pajero jeep suddenly caught fire.

I was in the jeep in which Pirabaharan was traveling. The jeep was stopped as soon as the fire broke out. I immediately took action and took Prabhakaran out of the flames. On the way out, I was put in a van that came from behind. The jeep was damaged by fire. At that time Pirabaharan escaped unhurt. Was Prabhakaran scared by this incident? I heard.

Oh no. He was not afraid. There was no panic. He smiled and got into the van. Without any conversation he went the way he wanted. However, members of the LTTE intelligence unit deployed the LTTE police to investigate the sudden fire. An investigation carried out by a team of car mechanics revealed that the fire was caused by a technical fault.The LTTE police and intelligence agencies were investigating whether this was a deliberate attempt to harm Pirabaharan’s life. But investigations have shown that this is not the case.

Pirabaharan had told us that during the Vadamarachchi operation in 1987, the security forces were on the verge of capturing Pirabaharan but could not do so due to Indian intervention

Two or three soldiers of the Army Long Range Brigade were shot dead in 2001 targeting Pirabaharan’s Pajero jeep. One of his bodyguards was killed. However, Raghu said that Prabhakaran was not in the jeep at that time. We also did not forget to ask about Pirabaharan’s diet.

“There were three cooks to prepare food for Prabhakaran. I am the first to eat Prabhakaran’s main guard before they feed him the garden food. I eat little by little from the garden food. Half an hour after I ate, he ate Prabhakaran. He does it to see if anything has been left. That is how much Prabhakaran thought about his life.

Pirabaharan has often said that he must be alive to lead the struggle to win an Eelam state. That’s why he always made sure to be careful. According to Raghu, the LTTE leaders, including Prabhakaran, have been in a state of panic as soldiers of the Army’s Long Range Deployment have infiltrated LTTE controlled areas and started targeting the LTTE.

Raghu told us that high ranking LTTE leaders, including Prabhakaran, had even restricted their travels, thinking that at any moment they would be a target of the troops of the Long Range Deployment. Prabhakaran had planned to bury him in a by road in Puthukudiyiruppu and destroy him. I could not find out who was trying to do this work. ;

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Photo: Chanuka Kulasekara