Secretary General of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Minister of State Dayasiri Jayasekara has stated that he is opposed to the President being granted impunity by the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

He says the people should have the power to sue, at least on human rights or against the president. However, he points out that the people have voted this time to repeal the 19th Amendment, that is, to abolish all this.

The Minister said that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party was crucial in passing this amendment and that if his party did not get 14 votes, two thirds of the power would be lost.

However, he said his party was not ready to negotiate with the country’s national issues and would support a reform process that would hold the country accountable for repealing the 19th Amendment.

He further states that he does not believe that the government’s popularity should be destroyed and amended.

Mr. Jayasekara has expressed these views while participating in a discussion with the Lankadeepa newspaper today.