Navy receives emergency response to a fire that broke out in a boiler in the engine room of the MT New Diamond, a fuel tanker sailing 38 nautical miles off Sangamankanda Point east of Sri Lanka. A team of emergency relief ships was dispatched to the area today (03) to provide relief to the ship.

The signal was received by the Maritime Rescue Coordinating Center (MRCC) in Colombo. Five crew members and 18 Filipinos were aboard the ship, which was wrecked in the East Sea. The ship is registered under the Panama Flag (IMO-9191424).

The ship was carrying 270,000 metric tons of crude oil from the port of Meena Al Ahmadi in Kuwait to the port of Paradip in India when it was reported to have stored 1700 metric tons of diesel required for use.

A third Filipino engineer who was injured in the accident was rescued by the Navy rescue team.

He was rushed to the Kalmunai Hospital for treatment, the Sri Lanka Navy said. The MV Helen M, a foreign ship that was sailing nearby at the time of the disaster, was able to rescue three Greek crew members and 16 Filipinos aboard.

The rescued persons will be brought ashore safely by the Navy.

Also, the captain and another crew member of the ship were rescued by the Navy Sailors, and one Filipino sailor has not been found since the accident.

Also, three (03) Sri Lanka Navy ships and a speedboat were deployed to assist the ship in the incident, while two tug boats belonging to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) were deployed at the Port of Hambantota to assist the ship. Has left.

In addition, two Russian warships, which had recently arrived at the Port of Hambantota for supplies, have already left the Port of Hambantota for this operation. Another ship and three Indian Navy warships are also approaching the site for relief and disaster management.

Also, in accordance with the instructions given by the health sector in the current Kovid 19 emergency situation, arrangements have been made to direct the rescued crew members of the distressed ship to the shore for treatment and isolation following the prescribed health instructions.

Further, stakeholders including the Navy, the Sri Lanka Coast Guard, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority and the Marine Environment Protection Authority are taking steps to reduce and manage the risk of oil spills due to this disaste

The Sri Lanka Navy is responsible for conducting operations in Sri Lanka’s maritime search and rescue zone in accordance with international conventions under international conventions, and the Navy has responded to a number of distress signals from ships and vessels previously in distress in the region. Arrangements have been made to provide the necessary assistance to those ships and vessels