Here is a press release issued by Samagi Jana Balawega MP Lakshman Kiriella. Press release. – Hanthana land is privately owned land.

In the last few days, various false information about the Hanthana land owned by my family has been published through various media.

The 8 acre plot of land in question was purchased by me for free 30 years ago on November 30, 1990 from Andiris Jayasinghe, a landowner and a resident of Pamunuwa.

Documents from the Land Registry clearly state that this land has been owned by private owners since at least 1947. Our rights are also registered with the Pradeshiya Sabha. The Hanthana land belonging to the relevant news is not a government owned land.

I acknowledge that this land is located above 3000 feet above sea level in accordance with the regulations imposed on the Hanthana Reserve. Although the construction of buildings in the Hanthana Reserve Zone is prohibited under the Hanthana Protection Rules, the owners of the land have the right to carry out organic cultivation on their lands subject to the recommendation of the Hanthana Conservation Committee. Approval for organic farming has already been applied for by the Hanthana Conservation Committee.

With the enthusiasm created in the country for cultivation after the appointment of the new government, due to the inconvenience of entering the Hanthana land where I had previously cultivated tea and pepper, only the grass growing in certain parts of the land was reduced very responsibly and carefully. . As the owner of the land, I have a right to it.

As a Sri Lankan who loves the environment, I responsibly declare that no tree felling or any environmental damage has occurred on my private land. I have also given a copy of the Gazette Notification containing the regulations regarding the Hanthana Reserve to the Kandy Police.

For the sake of narrow political gain, I express my regret that such false news is being spread by various parties through various media to the detriment of my and my family’s reputation.

Thank you, Trust this,

Attorney-at-Law Lakshman Kiriella Member of Parliament for Kandy District Chief Organizer of the Opposition in the

Parliament of Sri Lanka