Attempting to revive our country once again is considered an insult to the dignity of the Hon. V. Commenting on the statement made by MP Wigneswaran, Parliamentarian Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka states. He was addressing Parliament today (28), the second day of the by-law debate.

“He says that the oldest language in this country is spoken by the Tamil people. Then he did not say that the Sinhalese people came to this country later. I would like to remind him that no one who underestimates the Sinhalese people in this country and tries to destroy the place of the Sinhalese in this country has any existence.

Mr. Wigneswaran, remember, there were people in the past who tried to denigrate the place of the Sinhalese people in this country. We remember the fate that befell MPs like Amirthalingam in the end. Prabhakaran also thought that he could break this country. He finally saw what had happened to him. Unfortunately, Mr. Wigneswaran is very old.

Therefore, there is no way for him to be a Prabhakaran. Therefore, Mr. Wigneswaran, be happy with what you have received. Do not try to degrade Sinhala. If you try to do that, you will face a very sad fate. Because you are very old..there is no it would be better if you take care of another job Wigneswaran .. ”he said.