workshop for new MPs was heated yesterday (26th) evening when a speaker said that a meal worth Rs. 3,000 would be given to a Member of Parliament for Rs. 200.

The Director of Finance of Parliament, Wm. A.S. Upananda spoke on the topic of food and beverage and housekeeping services and facilities yesterday (26th) evening.

He stated that an MP would be given breakfast for Rs. 100, lunch for Rs. 200 and snacks for Rs. 50. He stated that a meal worth Rs. 200 is given to an MP for Rs. 200.

At the time, the new MPs were uneasy. Minister of State Sita Arambepola – We had such a meal these two days. Is this meal worth 3,000 rupees?

MPs: Don’t tell that story. We are ashamed to say that 3000 meals are given for 200. Don’t socialize it.

Colombo District Member of Parliament Attorney-at-Law Premanath C. Dolawatta: We do not see that this meal is worth 3000 rupees. We don’t feed anyone. We can bring it home and eat it.

Minister of State Sita Arambepola – I found out where the 3,000 buffalo is. I think you’re in the wrong place. People hate Parliament because this opinion has been socialized.

Assistant Secretary Tikiri Jayatilleke – Out of 225 MPs there are those who have not eaten a single meal.

Members of Parliament: This is the last story in the media about this important workshop. We were excited about this workshop. Sorry now. At the right time, the public media has shrunk. Not here. Both days are over with this word.

Deputy Secretary-General Neil Iddawala – This is about the cost of a meal.

MPs – those costs are wrong. We will fix the cost if we want. That system is wrong.

Neil Idda Wela – The average Parliament eats more than 2,000 people a day. Budget eats more than 3,000 a day.

MP – Do you give food to everyone in Parliament? Neil Idda Wela – Yes. They feed the police, the bank, the post office and the CEB.

MPs – It would be good if all 225 brought food from outside. Deputy Secretary – We will decide in the future.

MPs: If something like this goes to the media, it’s all over. There is no way to go home. We’m been in trouble for so long that others have eaten away at us. We’ll bring food outside. Add our salary of two hundred rupees per meal.

Deputy Secretary: Now a message has come from the Audit Division. A fish meal costs 950 rupees. A vegetable meal is 629 rupees.