Ven. Wathurakumbure Dhammaratana Thero, Head of the Nelligala International Buddhist Center appeared for the first time yesterday to give evidence regarding last year’s Easter attack. The Presidential Commission is meeting on the Easter attack. He emphasized that Saharan and a group of other Muslims had visited the Nelligala International Buddhist Center during its construction.

He requested that the center be made an all-religious center like Ambuluwawa and that he was strongly opposed to it. Later, Ven.

He later said he received a threatening letter after the Easter attack.

It said that since they are free, you will soon have to testify before Allah and you will have to suffer the consequences as everything happens according to Allah’s will. However, he said that it was useless to inform the then Defense Secretary, the IGP and the then Army Commander about this letter.

Ven. Wathurakumbure Dhammaratana Thera further stated that Mr. Shavendra Silva, who was the second in command of the Army at the time, realized that he was under threat after the Easter attack and provided him with the protection of eight soldiers.

ධම්මරතන හිමියන්ට ලැබුනු නිර්නාමික ලිපිය