The trade unions allege that it took about eight hours to restore the power supply that was disrupted on the afternoon of the 17th due to a sabotage operation, despite the establishment of an automatic power control center to control the whole of Sri Lanka in one place two years ago.

In September 2015 and February and March 2016, there were power outages all over the country.

In such a situation, when there is a power outage in the Kerawalapitiya area, the officials of the control center should be able to control it as soon as it spreads to the Kotugoda area. In addition, it is possible to restore the power supply within a maximum of two hours, said Malaka Wickramasinghe, Secretary of the Ceylon Electricity Board.

However, the President of the Association of Technical Engineers and Superintendents, G.U. Nishantha said.

The electrical superintendents at the Pelawatta control center had six on-duty shifts, but they were gradually removed and replaced by engineers. Engineers who were specially trained for the work of those superintendents were later transferred and it is reported that there are no qualified officers there. In addition, the lack of proper maintenance of the system has also caused power outages.

Another major issue is the power outage in the past when a government came to power and after the appointment of a new minister. Even two weeks after the new government came to power, power outages across the country within days of the new minister taking office could be the result of such a conspiracy, say its employees.