Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri says that this is the most powerful government in history and that he intends to live for another 15 years under President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. This is a post he left on his Facebook account

Gota’s government


Gota’s government is unprecedented in the history of Sri Lanka. It can be compared in some way to the 1970 government. In the sense that there is a definite economic thought behind it. But Gota’s government is stronger than the 1970s. 70 The government of 75 collapsed (remember not 77) with the withdrawal of the LSSP from the government. 70 Unlike the government, there is an extremely powerful social force behind this government. We can call it a technocratic class. The economic outlook of this class can be identified with age.

I declared in 2009 that I was planning to live another 15 years under Gota. What was defeated in 2015 was not Gota’s project but Mahinda’s project. Gota’s government is not Mahinda’s government. Gota’s government cannot be overthrown in the same way that Mahinda’s government was overthrown.

At present, there is no alternative to Gota’s government. Therefore, the ability to speak out against this government will be given at least after the success of this government’s program in the next two or three years is critically examined. Only then. Until then, the critical characters Kariyawasam, using a statement made by a person related to me, are just playing catapults.

– nirmal dewasiri FB