The arrest of Anuruddha Sampayo was a joint operation by the Negombo HQI and Anuruddha Sampayo, the Director of the CID told the Attorney General. Revealed in a video with scenes.

Accordingly, the Attorney General’s Attorney-at-Law Dappula also requested the Police to conduct an investigation into the statement made by the Police Media Spokesman SSP Jaliya Senaratne that the Negombo HQI was involved in the execution of the warrant for the suspect Anuruddha Sampayo and that the relevant suspect was arrested in a successful intelligence operation. . Wickramaratne has been instructed.

Senior State Counsel Nishara Jayaratne, the Attorney General ‘s Coordinating Officer, commented on the instructions given by the Attorney General to the Acting Inspector General of Police.

“The suspect Anuruddha Sampayo was caught on CCTV at the scene of his arrest. According to the footage, the OIC of the Negombo Police Headquarters and a group of police officers were coming in a police jeep followed by a group including Sampayo’s brother in a van. They were also observed waiting until Sampayo reached the spot.

Then Anuruddha Sampayo arrives at the scene in a red Discovery Sport jeep. The footage also showed him getting out of the vehicle and walking towards the vehicle where the Negombo OIC was. At that moment, it was seen that Anuruddha Sampayo was calling someone from his mobile phone and then giving the call to the Negombo HQI.

We were also able to observe the OIC of the Negombo Police touching the body of Anuruddha Sampayo and welcoming him warmly. Accordingly, the Attorney General informed the Acting Inspector General of Police that it was clear to any person of general knowledge that it was not an arrest but a welcome with a full warrant.

Also this CCTV. During the viewing, it was revealed that the Negombo OIC was holding the suspect Anuruddha Sampayo in the back seat of the police jeep and waiting for someone to arrive.

It was observed that they were having a happy conversation at that time and several persons who had arrived in another van parked behind the police jeep had been given the opportunity to interact and talk freely with the suspect Anuruddha Sampayo who was sitting without handcuffs.

They had also been staying at the same place for some time in anticipation of the arrival of a journalist from one of the media institutions. The Attorney General has informed the Acting Inspector General of Police that it is very clear when looking at the scenes. The Negombo HQI himself gives them the opportunity to make statements to the media from the journalist’s mobile phone.

Although the Negombo OIC had noted that the suspect Anuruddha Sampayo had been arrested following a successful intelligence operation conducted by the Negombo HQI on August 2, 2020, investigations and CCTV footage showed that it was not an arrest after an operation. An investigation has been launched against the Negombo HQI and he has been instructed to comment immediately.

Relevant CCTV Copies of the video have been handed over to the Defense Secretary, the National Police Commission and the Magistrate.