The new parliament begins today. This time a Facebook post was posted on 10 features of the parliament by Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon. The post is below.

There are 10 reasons why the Parliament that begins today is unique in the history of Sri Lanka.

1. Fifteen registered political parties in Sri Lanka have won direct elections and entered Parliament, with 22 parties representing Parliament, the most diversified Parliament since independence.

2. From the Parliament of November 25, 1947, when the State Council convened, the UNP is not only the only Parliament to have lost the power of government or the leadership of the Opposition, but also the first Parliament to convene without a UNP Member.

3. The Parliament has the highest number of new members, with only the Government receiving the lowest number of new Members of the Opposition.

4. Because it may be the oldest (average age) cabinet in the world. (To be confirmed)

5. Because it is the first time in the world that a person sentenced to death has been sworn in as a legislator. Hasitha Muhandiram (Hasitha Muhandiram), who lost his post as a member of the Provincial Council due to the death penalty, is sitting in a higher institution than the Provincial Council today.

6. Because a man accused of murder (Pilleyan) is also sitting in Parliament

7. Because the meeting begins without announcing the name of the Chief Opposition Whip

8. Because in a short period of time after the registration of a party in Sri Lanka, the Leader of the Opposition becomes the ruling party or the party that gains the majority in the Opposition

9. Because of the lowest female representation in recent history in Parliament (12 MPs)

10. Because six members of the same family sit in Parliament and the environment is being created for a seventh member to come to Parliament.

Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon