Kovid is the word that has changed the lives of all of us this year. The Kovid menace is a problem that affects not only us but everyone in the world in general. I’m telling you about a way to get over this problem without getting overwhelmed.

1. Discovering a new market

This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s definitely the best way for you to succeed in your business right now.

Most of the time we think that our customers are only in our country. No, 99% of the business we do has a market abroad.

Sometimes that market has already been created. Then it’s easier. Or, you have to create a new market. This is not that difficult either.

The other day I met a friend of mine who works at Seylan Bank.

“Sometimes we have to create our own. In that case, we have the upper hand. Some of the things I read in the conversation with him were the reason for writing this article.

All right, let’s see what the second point is.

2. Obtaining a loan for an investment

You are doing a new job. It is an investment. To win a new market you have to do some new things. You have to have some money in your hand for that. How to get that money .. This is the problem you are facing now.

Usually when you go to a bank for a loan, the story is not in the country. But there is an opinion among many of us and what many of us have experienced is that it is very easy to get a business loan from Seylan Bank.

They only ask us for the necessary documents and they do our job very quickly.

The main thing is the interest. Seylan Bank is the one that gives you the lowest interest rate loan for small and medium scale business. The interest rate is as low as 6% -8%.

3. Properly plan and implement them

You need to find out exactly which country you are exporting to. Because you have to sell something to someone who has the need for it..and when it is in demand..this is very important when doing business.

So don’t forget to think about the date of arrival of the goods you are exporting, the time they can be used and so on.

Also, proper packaging, quality and design are essential.

Only then will the demand for your products increase.

4. Think about whether the profit is worth the effort

If you want a business to be profitable, you have to have more revenue than its production costs. This is the simple fact that we all know.

But even if you get the profit you expect locally, your costs can increase during the export process.

So do not forget about that when deciding the price as well as planning all this. Otherwise the new market you are finding will not be an advantageous place for you.

5. Get help from someone you know

If you take a loan from Seylan Bank, you will get this for free. You know the reason..not like other banks in general, even if you go to Seylan Bank for a loan, they will give you the advice you need and also operate an agent banking service for you.

Seylan Bank is committed to providing you with the financial solutions you need and the support you need.

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..let’s take your one-stop business to the world..this is the best opportunity you have for that.