Online Payment හරහා ඔබේ ව්‍යාපාරයේ ආදායම දෙගුණ තෙගුණ කරගන්නේ මෙහෙමයි
Online Payment හරහා ඔබේ ව්‍යාපාරයේ ආදායම දෙගුණ තෙගුණ කරගන්නේ මෙහෙමයි

Today we are talking about a problem that many people do in business. Many people have felt this problem in the past. That is the inconvenience that happens when dealing with customers in their business. The service also gives you the opportunity to find new customers.

But as soon as you hear the word online payment, everyone has a few questions

1. What is this “online payment”?

This is how it is. The business system in the world has always been to go to the customers and make money. But with the current situation, a business cannot depend on this. For example, suppose you are doing a business selling flowers. You have a customer abroad. It is not possible to come and give money. Therefore you will not be able to do that business. But if you have the facility of “online payment” you can do this business very easily.

2. Are they troublesome work? Do not know where to start?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Seylan merchant portal right now. service.

This is the first time such a service has been introduced in Sri Lanka.

3. What is happening with that work?

This is what happens. The “Seylan merchant portal” is one of the most secure and easy way for online business people to transact. Everyone who avails this facility will get a separate web page of their own from Seylan Bank.

You do not need to have a website for that. If there is, there will be no problem. You can handle this web page very simply and easily.

Seylan Merchant Portal
Seylan Merchant Portal

4. What happens to that web page?

You have the facility to enter the details of your customers, send them the payment details and pay them through this web page. You can send the relevant link via email

Let’s say you are a jewelry manufacturer, you get an order from a remote area. All you have to do is join the Seylan merchant portal and enter all the details for your customer and send him the details he needs to pay. All you have to do is fill in the “Payment form” to enter the required details and pay online. If required, you can fill in the form and send it yourself.

This will allow customers to pay anywhere in the world after sending the link via sms or email.

5. Then how to pay the money?

Your customers who are far away can pay using their Visa or master card. Then you can see all the details like how much you have paid, the date of payment etc.

Not only that, you can see all the details about the transactions that have taken place in your business during the last 7 days, during the last month and so on. Through the Seylan Merchan portal, you can access these things not only for yourself, but also for others in your organization.

Seylan Merchant Portal
Seylan Merchant Portal

6. Can I use a visa / master card for this job?

Oh problem.Your customers can use any bank Visa / Master card in their hand for this work.

Also, due to security, these transactions are done in a very transparent manner.

7. The work is superb..what more details?

You do not even have to have a computer to get this facility. You can also get this facility from your mobile phone.

This process has been implemented for the highest level of internet security and speed introduced by world standards so that your transactions can be done online quickly.

You will not have to spend any extra money for this work as it is constantly updated with the latest technology.

Therefore, the Seylan merchant portal is a very valuable tool for those who do not have a website as well as those who transact on social media through Facebook and Instagram page.

Click this link to know more about how to get this feature and more

Introduced for the first time in our country, this service will enable you to find new customers for your business and double or triple the revenue of your business.