The historic Kandy ‘Dalada Perahera’ was held this year following the health advice given by the Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions taking into consideration the current situation in the country. Accordingly, the Sri Dalada Perahera which was held from 25th July to 4th August 2020 took place without the participation of the public. Dialog Axiata, one of Sri Lanka’s leading communications providers, once again made a dedicated contribution to the Sri Dalada Perahera.

The Sri Dalada Perahera consists of three festivals namely Kumbal Perahera, Randoli Perahera and Day Perahera. According to folklore, eight hundred years after the great extinction of the Lord Buddha, the Tooth Relic Perahera was added as a new element with the arrival of the sacred relics of Princess Hemamala and the Tooth Prince from India to Sri Lanka. From the time of the arrival of the Tooth Relic to the present day, it has been revered as the pinnacle of Buddhism in this country. The Dalada Perahera, which is based on the Sacred Tooth Relic and is revered by Buddhists all over the world, especially Sinhala Buddhists, is a unique cultural event that combines ancient religious practices, national customs, clothing, sports and arts with various cultural heritage. A feast.

Dialog TV had the opportunity to watch this wonderful cultural festival which lasted for 10 days from the Kumbala Perahera of the Sri Dalada Perahera to the Water Cutting Festival. On the day of Nikini Poya on the 3rd of August, a live program was telecast from the premises of the Temple of the Tooth, which included a feature discussion on the background history of the Perahera. The program was also available to watch live on Dialog TV and, if missed, to be re-watched on Catch Up Tv. Users of the Dialog ViU App will also have the opportunity to experience this Catch Up Tv feature. Viewers will be able to watch the Kanda Udarata Esala Perahera live on Dialog Television – Channel 16 (Channel 16) live from home on July 25 from 8:30 am to 3 pm on August 4. Viewers can also watch it on their smartphones via the ViU App from anywhere on the Dialog network for free.

Dialog Axiata, which is committed to protecting Sri Lankan heritage and culture, has long sponsored major cultural and religious festivals in the country. This is the 14th time that Dialog has made a significant contribution to the Sri Dalada Perahera, the most wonderful cultural festival in the Hela, centered on the sacred tooth relics, the crown jewels of Sri Lankan Buddhists.